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About Us

For over 20 years, BLAC has represented the many diverse and brilliant voices of the Black community, providing in-depth stories and ideas that resonate with our audience.  BLAC is inclusive of all of our voices, with engaging, informative, sometimes difficult and sometimes transformative conversations that are the catalyst for change.

We are excited to share our commitment to bring Black life, arts, and culture to the Black audiences in high-profile, affluent markets, including Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Memphis.

BLAC® produces the print magazine BLAC – Black Life, Arts & Culture. A monthly publication focusing on in-depth features that resonate with our readers, compelling consideration and driving dialogue. 

Founded in 1999 as African American Parent, the magazine’s name was soon changed to African American Family. During our 10th anniversary year, the publication was renamed BLAC (an acronym for Black Life, Arts & Culture) to more accurately reflect our content and mission.

How to contact us

BLAC Detroit offices are at:
6200 2nd Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202

Call us at: 313-312-1611